Word 2013 for Beginners Part 2: What’s New in Word 2013


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Hello again and welcome back to our course on Word 2013. In this section, we?re going to look at what?s new in Word 2013. I?ve already mentioned that the use of touch devices is a feature throughout Office 2013 now and, of course, Word is no exception to that; so one of the things that I?ll be coming back to from time to time is how to do things in Word 2013 using a touch device. But in this section I want to look specifically at some of the new features and functionality of Word 2013.

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  1. Overview of Video:
    1. Introduction
    2. Quick overview of new things
    a. Book Reader Mode
    b. Object Zoom
    c. Resume Reading
    d. Online Video
    e. Expand and Collapse (like headings)
    f. Collaborate
    g. Saving and Sharing files in the cloud
    h. Simple Markup (on track changes)
    i. Reply to Comments and Mark as Done
    j. New templates
    k. Open and edit pdfs, as a pdf rather than a word doc
    l. Layout and alignment guides
    3. Next Video Information Preview
    a. Touchscreens
    4. Conclusion

  2. Thanks for this overview of the new features. I've just finally upgraded after using Word 2007 all this time, and the transition has been bewildering because the menus are so different; I hadn't even gotten around to checking out new features of the program. Very clear presentation, and pleasant to have it narrated for me instead of perusing Microsoft's explanation.


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