Word 2013 for Beginners Part 1: An Introduction to Using Word 2013


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This video covers a basic introduction to Word 2013 which targets three different groups of audience namely those who are completely new to Word, those who’ve used older versions of Word like Word 2000 or Word 2003 and the third group are those who have used one of the newer versions of Word, 2007 or 2010. You will learn a lot about the new functionality of Word 2013 as well as the the system requirements for Office 2013. Microsoft Word has been the leading word processing package around the world used by millions of people and Word 2013 is the latest in a line of versions of the products.

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  1. For those of you saying you didn't learn anything, this is like a video syllabus. Watch if you want a syllabus. otherwise skip to the next.
    Learning Objectives of This Video:
    1. Why Word 2013
    2. Target Audience
    3. Learning Covered in this Course
    4. Usable Interfaces
    5. Operating System Requirements
    6. "Installation Instructions" (at the time of this video)


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