Samsung Galaxy S5 – 50+ Tips and Tricks


In this video, I will give you over 50 tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S5. This phone has an endless array of features and this video will touch on most of them! Enjoy.

The stand I am using for the Galaxy S5:

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  1. 38mins will take me 3hrs to absorb !
    Q…How do you change 'Settings' background from white to black with the white font ?? (Saves power).

  2. Nice vid, inboxed my s5 a few days ago but do not know how to transfer my music, contacts etc,, my phone ppl are charging a fee to do it but I'm hoping to do it myself. Already frustrated, have this phone but cannot use it.

  3. @sakitech — Thanks so much for your video. A lot of people don't read manuals — like me — so it's funny to me that it's now Dec 2016, I've had my S5 for over 2 years, and I never knew what that "Virtual tour" camera feature was — and always ignored it. I just tried it and it is pretty darn awesome with those dissolves. So many times I wish I'd known how to take panorama shots. … I didn't try it yet, but I am guessing the walking forward feature is what gave the product name "virtual tour" — so one could give a walthrough through a whole house and yard etc — and the result would be a lot smoother than taking a video.

    Also, amazingly I never knew about the heart monitor, even though it was a feature you skipped 🙂 I've subscribed so maybe i'll now learn new stuff and not be 2 years behind.

  4. I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S5 from ebay. It is an unlocked T-mobile phone which I need to use on the AT&T network. I inserted my SIM card and I am able to make phone calls, get on my wireless internet at home where I enter a password. I didn't realize my data was not working until I left my home, I found I was not able to access my data. I put in a NEW APN and was able to access my data. My problem now is, when I log into a WiFi where it takes you to the internet to a log on page, I can not connect to their WiFi ie when you are using a hotel network and are directed to their internet page and need to enter a password. Are you able to help with that? I have called AT&T numerous times with no luck. I am unable to test it unless I get to work, where I have to go to a sign in page.

  5. I'm hoping you'll know the answer to this … I used to be able to connect my Samsung 5S to my computer with the USB cord to download my photos from both the device and the card storage. But now it's not working. It still sees the device, but it says the files are empty. I can take my card out and put it in an adapter so I can download those photos, but I can no longer download the photos from the device storage because my computer isn't seeing it for some reason. Can you tell me how to fix this?

  6. How do you make your menus look like that? I've just got an S5 Neo and the menus are all eye-searingly white. There doesn't seem to be any way to change them to the nice black like yours (like my S3 had). I don't want to change everything to a negative, I just want darker menus and contact lists/message boxes. Is there any way to do that? I've noticed that pretty much all of the tutorials and tip videos/pages show nice dark menus and icons and I just can't find them on my phone. So far I'm not impressed. I heard such good things about this phone but so far I can't make it do what I want and that's not inducing me to keep it.

  7. I also chose the S5 over the S6 because it was able to be opened. This was a very helpful walk through thank you. I now have a better idea of what I'm doing with my new S5. best regards

  8. So I haven't had a smartpone before because I didn't want to throw that kind of money at something I didn't think I needed. I'm planning on getting one soon, would this be a good phone for me to get, as my first smartphone?


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